Sunday, January 3, 2016

Las Vegas Adventure- Day 3: Shopping, Joe's, and Schmamble

Sorry soooooooo late on this post!  I'm gonna try real hard to finish up my Vegas posts before we leave for our next LA trip.  What can I say, but life just got really hectic around the holidays.

So hopefully I can still remember what the heck happened. I'm going to try to piece things together based on what I find on facebook and what pictures I find in my stash. Man...I really gotta be better about doing my posts right away!

So, Day #3 started off by going to eat some fast food chicken from Raising Cane... Don't let the photo fool you, that basket was pretty huge.  One could easily feed my whole family.  I think we ended up taking half home and my husband ate it later as a snack.

After lunch, we headed to the other outlet mall for a little bit, then we split off from the group and tried to find more craft stores.  I think we ended up in Summerlin or around there.  On the way, I got a photo of the artwork along the freeway.  See the goats?!

After we got back from our shopping trip, I was finally able to get a photo from the Luxor balcony looking into the casino.  My hands are sweaty just looking at this picture.  I had a hard time looking over the edge.. and I'm not even that scared of heights!

For dinner, we headed to a fancier restaurant called Joe's Seafood & Stonecrab in Caesar's Forum Shops.  We had a hard time finding the restaurant cause we went in from the casino.  It was really good!  Our friend Roy had the tomahawk steak.  It was much bigger than this picture makes it out to be.

Here's my plate.... I had the king crab and filet...  So yummy!

The sides were soooo ono!  You need to have the corn if you go.  You need to char the corn first- super yummy!  We also had the hash browns and sorry, I can't remember the last dish.  I'm junk.

Here's our dinner selfie.  We had so much fun getting full!

 We all had to toast.. Even the kids..

After dinner, we headed to see if we could catch the statues show.  My daughter missed the show twice and was really disappointed, so she was happy that we were finally able to see it that night!

Had to get a better view...

Since we were nearby, we tried to catch the fountains at the Bellagio...  Success!

 After the fountains, we headed back to the Luxor to Schmamble (gamble) a bit.  We all were playing blackjack, but everyone stopped playing but me.  I seemed to get good luck with the Jabbawockeez chips, so the dealer kept looking for them to give me whenever I won.

See the guy standing behind me?  If he starts yelling, "DOUBLE" while you are playing, don't listen.  I fell for it everytime and lost double the money.  LOL!

Nevertheless, we had a blast!  Hope I can remember what we did on Day 4!

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