Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lfundoo and Kiki's Epic Crafty Adventure II: Day 1- Travel to LA and CHA!!!

The time has finally come for me to go on another Epic Crafty Adventure with my buddy Linda (aka Lfundoo).  We have been waiting a loooooooonnnnggg time for our 2nd adventure, so we are super excited to get this show on the road.   Warning.. this is an extra long post and mainly about crafty stuff, so if you aren't interested in that kind of stuff, you may want to pass on this...

For the rest of you who are interested... let's get this party started!  So I got to the lounge early and had a drink before my flight.

Debi came just before we had to board... Yay!  Can't believe we are going to LA together!

After we got to Oahu, found Linda!  Now we were ready to go!

Debi was able to get a seat right in front of us!  Yay!  That was a rough flight but we made it!

Guess who was working our flight?!  It's my friend Minako!  She's so sweet.. so happy to have her on my flight.

After we arrived, we got our rental car and then headed to our hotel/timeshare.  Look at the stairs I had to take the luggage up.  I got my workout covered for the day.

After we got settled in, we headed to Mimi's Cafe to meet some friends!!!  So happy to eat in such good company. I think Rina is missing though... hmmmm.  Maybe she's taking the picture.

Some of the girls had to go to CHA early, so here's who was left... me, Vicki (Tryheart67), Rina (Scrapstress), and Linda.

After looking for parking, we finally registered and got our badges!!  Yay!

This next pic was actually of the carpet.  We had to take a creative selfie to get it in the shot.

We headed to meet up with our friends...  Here's Linda with Janel!

I love this... totally my style and perfect for CHA!  It was at the Heidi Swapp booth.

I had fun taking pictures at this booth!

Ok before we go on, I need to confess that I'm afraid to talk to celebrities of any kind.  So instead of getting a photo with Heidi Swapp, I decided to have her photobomb me!

But then my friend Linda embarrassed the crap out of me and told Heidi that I was shame to talk to her.  Geeeeeeez!!  But I did get to meet her and take a photo. Thanks Linda for embarrassing me!

Marisa and Anna get a pic with Heidi too!! She's the sweetest lady!

Guess I'm not the only one who takes photobomb selfies! Check out Rina with Heidi Swapp!

After we ooh'd and aah'd over Heidi's new products, we wanted to check out some other booths... Nearby was the Lawn Fawn booth! Super cute set up as usual.  Wish I took more photos.

Love these Fairies!

Then we spotted this!!

OMG!  My chance to be a Gorjuss Girl! LOL!

 After cracking up over that photo op, We found this cute booth.. I think it was called little birdie, or something like that?  Anyway, loved this packaging- cute yah!?

We wandered around some more and found the Spellbinder's booth!  I really liked a lot of their new stuff this year.  This table was my favorite.

And doing a make 'n take next to this table was Becca Feeken of Amazing Paper Grace!  Love her work!  She was really nice too!  Rina and I took a selfie with her.

Super love that background die.

This card was to die for!

My favorite sample was this box.

How cute are these bird houses?

Finally, these diamonds were so cute!

After spending a lot of time at Spellbinders, we saw our friends making these cute faux succulents at the Ad Tech booth.  They have some neat-o products coming out like scented glue sticks?!

After AdTech, we found the Prima booth!!  We immediately saw Rockstar Anna Finnabair!  Love her!

Love the new foils and adhesive elements.  Hope to get my hands on these soon.

Poor Frank, Linda quizzed him on if he remembered us from ArtVenture!  He was still nice enough to take a photo with us and we got Carrie too!  Score!

I gotta say, Frank has some beautiful lines coming out this year...  I think this was called French Riviera.

I love this one too but forgot the name.  :(

This piece caught my eye...

Next door to prima we saw a booth called Everything Mary? Anyway while doing a make n take, we saw Jo Paperdrama!!  She's awesome.

And even more awesomeness!  Limor came walking right by us!  Love her!

More photo ops... love this candid of Rina taking photos of Jo and Limor.

Ok, so 2nd embarassing moment of the day...Linda shows me that she snuck away to meet Tim Holtz while we were at the Sizzix booth! Whaaaaaat?

Then she drags me to his booth where he's on the side doing meet n greets.  Then she runs up to him and tells him that I'm her friend that's scared to talk to him, tells him she has to use the bathroom, then digs out, leaving me there mortified.  He was very nice though and took a photo with me.

He even signed a bag and gave it to me! Super cool dude!  #craftgod

Last celebrity on my bucket list was Jennifer McGuire.  She has the most amazing videos.  I wish I had the nerve to go up to her.

We had to take a group photo before we parted ways.  These ladies were so fun to hang out with!

Course we had to do a funny one too...

Then who shows up by Jennifer McGuire?  None other than Kristina Werner!  She a truly talented artist.  Love her too!

After going to back to the hotel to rest a bit, we headed back to CHA to go to the Open Market. I don't have any photos but it was basically a store or "open market" to allow attendees to make purchases.  We had fun shopping at the Sizzix and other booths.

After the Open Market wanted to eat.  Unfortunately Red Robin was super busy so we headed to Joe's Crab Shack with Michelle and her mom.

This little lady loves crab!

OMG, that crab is as big as her!

Here's the rest of our food...

She finished off that crab and even ate the corn!

 We were totally pooped after dinner!  Headed back to the room and fell asleep.  Can you believe this is only day 1?!  Hopefully I can catch up on posts tomorrow.  Right now I need to get some sleep!


  1. Love it! You took a picture with The Craft God! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  2. Love it! You took a picture with The Craft God! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  3. Thanks for keeping all our memories alive with your posts! Love it!

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