Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lfundoo and Kiki's Epic Crafty Adventure II: Day 4- Outlet Shopping, Casino, and Anaheim Packing House

Looking back at my trip posts, I can't believe how much we've done so far!  It seems like weeks ago we wet to Crustaceans!

Day 4 is Michelle's last full day in LA!  We had lots to do, so we started off with a good breakfast!

Then we headed to the Citadel Outlet Mall.  Everyone was so excited!

First stop was the restroom... Man, that restroom looked like a hotel!  This was called the "Mommy Lounge", I guess it can be used for breastfeeding moms.  By far the nicest public restroom I've been to!

OK I think there was some serious shopping going on yesterday cause this is the only photo I got... I didn't even take this one!  Michelle was having fun shopping at Kate Spade!

After we did some power shopping, it was time for a snack.  Everyone was jealous that I had a banana left over from breakfast to eat with my brownie. LOL!

 After we did a lot of damage at the outlet, we went next door to a casino.  I just wanted to see what a casino looked like outside of Vegas.

Truth be told, we only stayed in there for like 5 minutes.  It was very different from Vegas casinos.  We found out it wasn't an Indian casino like we thought.  There were no slot machines whatsoever, only tables.  It was not our style, so we left in a hurry... at least I got to see inside!

After the casino, we started getting hungry.  Debi suggested we try the Anaheim Packing House that she went to the other day.  We were all game and headed back to Anaheim.  OK it's hard to tell from this pic but that's a rooster behind us!

At first we wandered around the place just to take it all in...  Its really hard to see but downstairs, there are swings!  They were occupied the whole time so we couldn't take pictures on it.

Saw this while we were wandering around.  I thought my husband would get a kick out of it!  They had other star wars drawings on their board too, but I thought I wasn't supposed to take pictures!

So this little guy is the clue to get to a hidden restaurant...

They were nice enough to show us the menu.. you gotta make reservations first, then try to find the darn place!  No signage whatsoever.

I decided to have some ramen for dinner. This is the buzzer they give you when your food is ready.

OMG their tonkotsu ramen was so good!

Although I didn't try this place, I texted this picture to my daughter... she would love it!

 At Orange Tei, they sell popcorn?  This one was described as having a shoyu butter sauce, so I grabbed a bag.  It was pretty good!  They didn't have any of the matcha one, but I got a taste of that and it was good too.

Then it was dessert time!  Debi told us about this Pop Bar!  They have these premade popsicles, only they are made of gelato or sorbetto.  Yummy!  Then you can have them dipped and rolled in other goodies.

OMG it was so ono! I had the green tea dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in waffle cone!  I'm definitely taking my family here when we come back!

After an hanging out for a few hours at the Anaheim Packing House, it was time for us to part ways.  I had a blast with my Hilo girls!  See you ladies back home.  We made some good memories!

 Last pic of the night... Since we ate so early, I got a little hungry while trying to roll my lace up.  Linda reminded me to try this snack before we go out tomorrow since I want to see if I should buy more.  OMG this is so ono!  I need to find more of these when we go to Daiso!

So that concludes Day 4.  Our trip is about half over and we still have more adventures ahead! See you soon!


  1. Black Sheep is really good. I ate there when we were in CA this past summer. Akemi will like it for sure! Having fun looking at all your pictures and reading your posts.

    1. Thanks Laura! I'll let her know. She loves cheese@