Monday, January 11, 2016

Lfundoo and Kiki's Epic Crafty Adventure II: Day 2- Swap Meet and Crustaceans

One of the things we really wanted to do on this trip was go to the swap meet with our good friend Marisa.  So we had to get up super early, which was hard cause we were still recovering from Day 1, but the motivation was strong, so we woke our butts up and headed to her house at 7:00am.

There we met up with Vicki too and Marisa drove us to the swap meet.  There we went to her favorite booth where she gets awesome deals on laces.  You can buy the lace by the yard or buy the whole damn thing if you want.  Linda and I were in lace heaven!

After our epic lace buy, we wandered around the swap meet a little more and then headed to some dollar stores.  I didn't buy much since I was waiting to see what we could find in downtown LA on Monday.

After the dollar stores, we headed to Michaels and I got some stuff I've been wanting for ages.  So happy I got some of them but still need to find the rest!  Gonna try to do a haul video soon so you can see what we got.

After Michaels we were all hungry, so we went to Marisa and Vicki's favorite restaurant called Inka Mama that serves Peruvian food. That was my first experience eating Peruvian food and it was pretty darn good!  Do you like Marisa's sexy face?!  LOL!

Here's what I got for lunch.  Please don't ask me what its called cause I don't remember.  Its chicken on pasta with a pesto type sauce.  Linda had the same chicken but on salad with a garlic rice.  Yummy!  I tried really hard not to eat it all since we were going out to dinner that night.  It was really hard though!

After lunch, we went back to Marisa's to hang out for a bit and then had to head back to the hotel to get ready for our Epic Dinner Adventure.  Debi, our resident foodie of the group, suggested we go out for a nice dinner during our trip.  She lived in LA before and knows where to go, so we trusted that she would hook us up with something good.  She suggested Crustaceans in Beverly Hills. I'll admit, the location intimidated the crap out of me, but I was on a mission to try their roasted garlic crab and garlic noodles!

The restaurant was beautiful!  Here's the floor... there was a pathway of plexi-glass that was over a koi pond.  Very cool, but Linda and I were afraid to walk over it.

Here's the menu cover.  Very elegant!

Michelle and I tried their lychee martinis.  Yummy!

We let Debi take care of the ordering... she ordered a few appetizers... in the front is shrimp toast, then calamari, then meatballs.

Here's a better look at the calamari and meatballs.

We all ordered crab except Linda.. she ordered the prawns.  Lucky that her meal came with the garlic noodles!

 Before we were ready to eat, they gave us some bibs.  Here's our sophisticated photo with our crab couture.  LOL!

Here's my crab.  He was looking at me.  Hands down, best crab I've ever eaten. Period.  Couldn't finish it.  Took it home in hopes not to waste it!

And here's the garlic noodles.  OMG it doesn't look like much but it is so ono!!!  I could've just eaten that for dinner.

The waiter told me to put the garlic noodles in the crab shell. I guess maybe it will pick up some of the flavor from the crab?  Oh, by the way, Debi told us that it's better to order the cracked crab in the shell instead of the already shelled crab.  We all understood as a lot of the flavors were on the shell.

And we had to save room for dessert.  We ordered the pineapple upside down cake and godiva chocolate cake.  Both were really excellent.

We had so much fun eating, talking and laughing that our waiter thought we were drunk!  He poured us more water and said, " I need to sober you ladies up!".  LOL!  I think he didn't remember that only three of us had one drink each and the other two were sober!

While we were talking, our celebrity eagle eye- Linda spotted Charles Barkley.  We didn't want to disturb him during dinner.  Wish I got a covert picture of him though, just to prove that we saw him!

Too bad my selfie had bad lighting on the sign...

This picture came out better, but Linda is hiding.  We had so much fun.. Thanks Debi for showing us a good time in Beverly Hills!

And so ends Day 2... Still a lot more adventures await!  I'm happy to be caught up on my posts now!  Gonna head out soon for our next adventure.

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