Monday, January 11, 2016

Lfundoo and Kiki's Epic Crafty Adventure II: Day 3- Downtown LA, Daiso, Roscoe's, and Downtown Disney

The plan for Day 3 was to check out Downtown LA (dtla).  First we ate breakfast, then headed to downtown... first stop was Floral Syndicate.  Never been there before but they had some packaging that Michelle was looking for.  I got distracted by some of their samples.

Love this wedding cake!  If I were getting married now, I'd have bling all over my cake!

Thought this bouquet was interesting but a neat idea.

This bouquet was pretty!

 Since Moskatells is in the same building as Floral Syndicate, we checked it out. Its same as Michaels.  I didn't buy too much.  Yay for me!

Linda wanted this big rose for her hair.. what do you think?  LOL!

After Moskatells, we went to Craft House so Michelle could get more goodies.  She was happy to get such good deals!  Oh, and she also saw the shopping cart hibachi!  We didn't get a picture though.

Next stop was the post office to pick up some boxes.  Michelle sure needs to ship back some stuff!  Next door was a circle K, so I went to see if they sold powerball tickets.  I was in luck!  Yay!  Mission accomplished!

Also found these funny snickersbars!  I guess they are trying to be like Coke.  Thought these were hilarious!

Then we headed to Daiso, which was just across the street.  I had fun entertaining myself while I shopped.  Earlier, my friend Vicki posted something similar about these chair socks!  I think they are going after the tennis ball market to replace them on walkers... LOL!

 Thought this was also very funny... It's a banana slicer! Tell me why this is necessary again?

Then we headed to Target for some rations.  Finally got some water and drinks. I wanted this mug but I think I can probably find it in Hilo.

After all that shopping we realized we didn't eat lunch!  We were all starving, so we dropped off our stuff and were deciding on dinner.  Earlier Debi suggested the Umami Burger for dinner, so we agreed to go there... but then when we were going back to their hotel, I showed her that there was a Roscoe's Chicken 'n Waffles near the hotel and if there was someone in front of us, we would guarantee be in an accident.  She did the double take while driving and was so excited to see Roscoe's!  We all decided we needed to go there for dinner instead of Umami.  Is this a happy girl or what?

We were all very excited!

 Got our food pretty fast.  This doesn't look like a lot, but my chicken was huge!

I left about half of the chicken breast and half the waffle. It was yummy, but a lot of food.

I figured out the secret... Their maple syrup is fricken awesome!  And I don't even like syrup!  I tasted it without the syrup and with the syrup and it's what totallly makes it so good.

After dinner, we dropped off Linda and then headed to Downtown Disney for some shopping.  The Force Awakens was all over DT Disney.  They had pretty much a whole store full of Star Wars merchandise.  Saw these two outside and wanted to take a selfie with them.

While waiting, I saw some of the fireworks!

Had to stop off at the candy shop.  They were making caramel apples... Looks too cute to eat!

Love the Sorcerer Mickey!

We finally made it to the World of Disney Store!  It was a madhouse inside, but I managed to get some goodies for the fam.  Outside, Michelle bought us some macaroon ice cream sandwiches.  And yes, I froze my butt off, but it was worth it!

 Had so much fun today with the girls!  What adventure awaits us tomorrow!?

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