Friday, January 15, 2016

Lfundoo and Kiki's Epic Crafty Adventure II: Day 7- Downtown LA

Our trip is winding down now and we only have a few days left!  But we have not slowed down, no sireeeeeeee!

Today was in the making for a few months now... our friends took off to hang out with us today!  We were so excited to get the full crafty tour from the professionals!  Vicki, Marisa and Rina picked us up and took us to Downtown LA.  This is the start of our epic day!

First stop was Bead Factory...

I can't believe how many beads this place had!  OMG I was in bead heaven!

See what I mean?!

This is the sequins wall... I had to get some of those too!

Here's a better look.

Next stop was another trim place. Sorry, I forgot the name.  The store ran deep, but I have a feeling we weren't supposed to go back here....

In the front of the store, I found this huge patch. LOL!  Who buys this stuff?

Marisa and I wanted to show you how big that darn patch was!

 Ooh, I loved this next store!  They had all kinds of charms for a good price!  Wish I got more.

After bead shopping, we were pretty hungry, so the girls took us to lunch at the San Antonio Winery.  Seriously... I forgot I was still in downtown LA.

I had the mushroom ravioli...

It was super yum! I started chowing down before I remembered to take a photo!

Here we are just chillin...  Ready for my food coma.

The last store we went to was on the "dirty" side of downtown. I was tripping out because we saw Craft House right across the street! Darn it! I had no idea we were in that same area!  We could've taken Michelle and Debi there on Monday.  Oh well, next time... This store was hidden inside one of the larger buildings where there's a lot of small kiosks.  This booth sold lots of hair accessories and boxed ring sets that we use for bling centers of flowers.  I didn't expect to get any, but I ended up getting a few sets.

Ha ha! I saw this sign and laughed.  Had to take a picture.

After our bling haul, we were pretty tired and decided to head back to Anaheim.  Before our departure, we decided to have some dessert at Joe's Italian Ice.  Vicki said that it was good and said Laura (therobnlaura on YT) likes that place.

 Holy crap that was good!  We were freezing but it was so worth it!

Enjoying my strawberry...

 After Joe's, we headed back to our hotel and said our goodbyes.  Then we relaxed a bit, while packing up a bit.  We then decided to get some dinner and headed to Mimi's Cafe- our fave!  By then I was hungry again and devoured the bread.

Ummmmm, I think we are missing something!

I got the salmon this time.  I think I was still thinking about it from lunchtime when I almost got it for lunch.  It was yummy.

Our last full day in LA is tomorrow.  It's gonna be a fun one!

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