Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Las Vegas Adventure- Day 2: Outlet Shopping, Bachi Burger, and More Shopping

Wassup from Vegas!  Yesterday the group split up and the guys (excluding my husband) went golfing.  I got dropped off at the outlet mall and the rest of the gang went to the natural history museum.  Sorry, I only have the outlet shopping stuff..  I'll add more photos of the other stuff If I can get it.

I stopped off at the Disney Store.  This guy was looking at me and wanted to come home with us.

I was surprised to see Tsum Tsums at the outlet!  I don't think it was cheaper though  I resisted  and didn't get all of the new ones.  When the gang joined me, Akemi picked the Hulk out of this batch.

I found more Tsum Tsum stuff.  Check out the mugs- sorry not a good pic but you get the idea. I didn't get any of them cause I didn't want them to break in my suitcase.

Here's the other wall of Tsum Tusms.  The mini ones are actually the winking ones.

 Finally met up with the gang, by then I was tired.  Akemi took a break with me.

Here's my big purchase of the day!  I got me a new Kate Spade bag.  My first one! I needed a black bag and for some reason I wasn't feeling the coach ones (gasp!).  Got a good deal on this baby- 50% off and additional 20% off that!

Here's my Disney Store haul.  I love all the Tsum Tsum stuff.  The BB8 is for hubby and Star Wars shirt for my daughter.

Took this photo while we were waiting to re-group.   

I wish this photo came out better.  It was too backlit, but we thought the name of this store was so funny!  We had time to spare, so we took the kids to Excalibur to play at the arcade.  Glad we were able to take them to play a bit.

Then we headed to eat dinner at Bachi Burger!

The wait was a little long, but it was worth it! Here's a peek at the menu.

Here's our group selfie...

 Started with the Oxtail chili cheese fries.  OMG- fricken plate lickin good!

Also had the truffle garlic fries.  Mmmmm....

Paul and I decided to share a salad and a burger.  The salad was pretty big- this photo doesn't do it justice.

I picked the Miyagi san burger.  It was pretty epic.  Had fried egg, furikake, and fried onion rings.  We need a bachi burger in Hilo!

Then we had milkshakes for dessert.  Loved that toasted marshmallow salted caramel one!  We also tried the strawberry guava and tahitian vanilla with orange.  Everyone agreed the toasted marshmallow one was the best!

 Surprisingly, we headed out for more sight seeing and shopping.  We were able to check out the Hershey store. I don't think I ever went there before!  Here's the wall of Kisses.

These are the huge kisses!

I thought the cupcakes looked ono.

Here's the chocolate Statue of Liberty.  They had another one upstairs made of Twizzlers.

Then we headed to M&M World.  Z liked the life size M&M Nascar.

And here's the view from the bridge going back to New York New York.

Will try to add more photos as I gather them from everyone.  We headed to Mandalay Bay last night but didn't do too well.   Not sure what's happening today....  Who knows what new adventure awaits?

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