Monday, February 20, 2017

Tokyo Trip IV- Owl Village

 One of the things Akemi and I were looking forward to was to visit some of the animal cafes in Tokyo.  I understand that a lot of people can't have pets because of their apartment, so they often go to visit these animal cafes to get their pet fix in.

We researched online what types of animal cafes were in the Tokyo area and decided on the Owl Cafe as one of them.  They also went to a cat cafe in Tokyu Hands in Ikebukuro while I was shopping since I'm allergic to cats.  We are also hoping to go to Cafe Harry which is a hedgehog cafe.

We didn't do an online reservation, so we weren't sure if we could get in to the Owl cafe in Harajuku.  So after we got off the subway, we headed straight there to see if we could still get in.  Luckily, they could take 2 of us, so Paul and Grandma went to the shrine instead.

Akemi and I headed to the Owl cafe at our reservation time of 1:00pm.  We only got the 1/2 hour package which included water (other packages includes another type of drink) and a free owl button.  When you first get there,  you need to wait for the other group to clear out.  Then they seat you and serve your drink.  While you are waiting, you can read about the different owls they have.  It explains what type of owl they are and if they are friendly or not.

Since we were the first ones there, we got to sit by the glass door next to where they keep the owls.

This guy is actually really big. I think his name was "Bob".

I liked the barn owls.  I think this was Haku.  They said she was friendly and liked to be pet on her cheeks.

This guy was my favorite.  His name was Ohagi.  You can't really tell, but he was the tiniest one.  I think he could fit in he palm of my hand.  So cute!!

Once you get into the owl room, they tell you about each owl and how to handle them.  Akemi couldn't wait to pet them!

She gravitated to the big ones.

This guy is called Canon... He was on a break and I swear he was trying to break out.  No one could touch him cause of his break.

See how small he is?!

This guy was big... Akemi said he was too heavy.

Making friends!

This is the other guy that Akemi wanted to hold.  They give you a glove to wear and hook the leash onto you.

After that, we had to say goodbye to the owls.  On the way out, we to pick out some owl buttons!  Yay!  That was so fun!  Can't wait to do the hedgehog cafe!

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  1. Interesting! The owls are beautiful! Akemi must've had a lot of fun petting them!