Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tokyo Adventure IV- Day #4: Kawaguchiko, Tokyo Station and Ginza

Good Morning!  We are back in Tokyo again and catching up on yesterday's post while everyone wakes up and gets breakfast.

Yesterday was truly breathtaking!  When we got to Kawaguchiko, it was dark, so we had no idea where  we were in relation to Fuji-san.  We stayed at a business hotel called Plaza Inn, which is directly across the train station/bus terminal.  Let's just say that it was ok for a one night stay...

We woke up before sunrise that morning to the most beautiful view!

While I was trying to catch up on the previous day's blog post, Paul had gone out into the freezing cold to go take photos.  He got some great shots of Fuji-san as the sun was rising.  That view made the trip worthwhile!  Grandma and Akemi's room had a building in front of their window, so their view was not as good.  We had room 301 if you are interested.  I'm sure other hotels in that area also had great views too.  We all felt that view was totally worth the trip!  Sorry to say it was a much better view than when we went to Hakone- next time we'll take Grandma Helen there if she's willing to make the trip!

Since we were up early, we decided to try to find some food.  And since we had more time than usual, we tried to look for a restaurant instead of our normal 7-11.  First we went to the train station across the street to see what they had. 

Selfie time with Fuji-san!

Saw this photo op and I had to do it...

The cafeteria style restaurant didn't look like it had anything we wanted to try. Then some pokemon sightings came up, so we walked around to find another Farfetch'd,

 Look how crazy these Pokemon hunters are!  It was windy where the Farfetch'd was located, but they pressed on!

Proof of how cold it was!  I have not idea how cold it translates to, but it was f***ing cold!

Right across the street from Farfetch'd ,we saw the Koe House Restaurant.  We think it was probably the breakfast for their hotel, but we ate there anyway.  For a humble little restaurant, it was pretty good.  The old man who ran it was so cute and nice.  He pretty much did everything from washing dishes, to cooking, to host.
Breakfast consisted of salad, egg, toast, yogurt, and coffee.  Not bad for under 600 yen.

While Paul was paying, Grandma and I headed back to the hotel and got side tracked at a souvenir shop. Got us some Fuji-san goodies!

Then went back to the hotel to feed Akemi, who decided to sleep in.  After she ate, we packed up and checked out of the hotel.  Paul was able to change the time of departure to earlier, so we had to kill a couple of hours before our bus arrived.  We wanted to do the ropeway but it was closed for maintenance... booooo!  So we decided to walk down to the lake instead to catch a view.   It had snowed earlier and was so cold, there was still some ice on the ground!

 We made it to the lake!

I think Akemi is thinking about becoming a nun.  LOL!

The lake was beautiful!  I think there was a fireworks show the night before on the lake.  It must've been nice (but very cold!).

 Here's the panoramic view.  Aiya!  How did Paul get in the picture twice?

 I remember seeing those swan boats when we went to Hakone last time.

There were some shops and restaurants along the lake area.  But we didn't have much time to check it out since we moved up our departure time.  This guy was greeting customers outside one of the stores.

 We made it back up the hill and waited at the bus terminal for our bus back to Tokyo.  We didn't have time to eat, so we busted out the snacks we had.  Not much left, but I remembered we bought this cheeseburger chips from 7-11 the other night, so Paul and I whacked that on the bus.  Then I slept for the rest of the bus ride home.  Apparently there was some snow in areas we passed through... Yup, missed all of it! Zzzzz....

After my nap, we arrived back at Shinjuku Station.  We were planning on finding food there, but we found ourselves right by the platform for the Yamanote line.  Since we were so close, we decided to just go back to our station and find food.    At first, Paul suggested 7-11, but I wanted something different, so we walked around and found a ramen shop right outside of the station.  Best ramen I had on this trip!  Yummy!! It totally hit the spot!

By the way, this was a vending machine ramen shop- no English translation, so we pretty much guessed.  I got lucky as that is what I wanted.  Paul and Grandma ordered Tsukimin (?) style where you dip the noodles into the broth.  They said it was good, but I didn't try it... too busy eating mine.

We then headed back to the room to unload our backpacks and rest a bit.  Since we had gotten back early enough, we had time to head back out that night.  We decided on Ginza and Tokyo Station if we could fit it all in.  First stop was Tokyo Station- Character Street.  Its a little hard to find- esp with all the construction going on, but we managed to find it.  You need to go to the Yaesu North Exit.  We had to go downstairs to B1 level and its right by the stairs/escalator.  I got some stuff from the Studio Ghibli Store... I couldn't resist this coin bank...

I'm sorry, but who would want to buy these cookies?  This girl is scary!

 As usual... Paul entertained himself while I shopped.  I think he was happy this guy was named after him.  LOL!

We also went to the small Pokemon Center but didn't get anything.  Then we headed to Ginza to the Toy Park to get some Puricube for Akemi's friends.  I didn't get any this time, but I did see these cool Daruma.  Too bad they were so expensive!  Maybe we can find it cheaper at Kiddy Land.

After the Toy Park, we went to Don K for more goodies. Before we headed to the station, we stopped at Starbucks for a break and to try the new Sakura Frap.  YUM!!!

  Paul had a Yuzu tea, which I also liked.  Why can't we get good flavors like that back home?

Then we jumped back on the Yamanote line and headed home.  Paul wanted to share his new Puricube.  He looks like a creepy Jpop character! LOL!
And I got my shoe horn!!  These are da bomb.  I used to think shoe horns were for old people and now I'n one of them.  This one is so long, I don't need to bend over to use it!! Yay!  I better not forget it here in Japan or I'll be sad.

I guess since we skipped dinner, everyone was looking for snacks.  I told Paul he could eat my kitty arare, but to take a picture before so I could remember.  This was from Nakamise- so cute!!!

It was good too- very crisp!

OK that was a looooooong day!  I basically started snoring before my head hit the pillow!  I have no idea what we are doing today, so tomorrow's post will be a surprise!  Sayoonara till then!


  1. Another busy day! Paul's Puricube looks like one of the Beatles!

  2. What a great trip!Lots to see, eat, and shop, just not enough time! Gotta go back again, right?!