Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tokyo Adventure IV- Day #3: Ikebukuro and Kawaguchiko

Wassup Everyone!  Greetings from Kawaguchiko!  Just woke up and trying to catch up on yesterday's adventure.  Waiting for the sun to rise here to catch a view of Mt. Fuji-san... so far we have a great view- even in the dark!

But let me catch you up on what happened yesterday...  First up is breakfast.  I think Paul and I agree we miss Toyoko Inn's free breakfast every morning!  But now we are trying all the different combini that is around our room.  Today we tried Family Mart.. It's basically the same as 7-11 but I think we might like 7-11 better.  Look how hungry Paul was!

 After breakfast, we planned our strategy for the day.... Looks like its Ikebukuro and Kawaguchiko!  If we could squeeze in the Ume festival, we would try, but that didn't work out.  Gonna shoot for that another day.

See, Pusheen and I are all ready to go!  Where is everyone!

So, Paul suggested a short cut on the way to the train station...  It would bypass the underpass which was a killer hill.  So we tried it out and it worked out much easier!  It also requires us to cross the train tracks... scary!

Our first stop in Ikebukuro was the Seibu Department Store.  This is where to find the specialty Kit Kats.  They also have an amazing food area and sweets area.

We wanted to buy all the cakes!
 Look how beautiful they are!

I got scolded for shooting this video but you understand why I did it, right?

After leaving the Seibu Department Store, we headed for Sunshine City.  Along the way we went to Sanrio Gift Gate (my fave) and Uniqlo.  Paul seriously needed a hoodie or something.  He forgot his flannel back home. Doh!  Then we headed to Sunshine City and stopped at Tokyu Hands.  At the very top floor was a cat cafe!  Paul took Emi and Grandma there while I shopped.  This cat took a liking to Grandma!

Emi got her neko fill..

So cute!

The main reason for going to Sunshine City was to go to the Pokemon Center!  Yay we made it!

So many Pikachus!  I was sad they didn't have the Ditto version.

Paul had to go help Emi outside the store since she was having Science Fair issues.  I finished up my shopping with some help.

Pikachu Overload!!

I had to take a panoramic of the plushie wall of pokemon!

Even got to take a selfie with Pikachu!

Now its Paul and Emi's turn to shop.  Entertained myself with more selfies.

 And before we left Sunshine City, Paul disappeared and came back with this photo:

Ummmm, I guess they don't know what that means here?

We needed to get back to the hotel to pack and get ready for the bus to Kawaguchiko.  So we stopped by the Seibu Department Store to pick up some lunch.  This is what I got....  Any guesses?

It was a chirashi all filled with crab!!!

Grandma got some maki sushi.

We ate it with the shoyu butter chips that we bought earlier that morning.  Need to bring these home with us!

Found some cute tabi at Tokyu Hands.  We need them to wear with our slippers for short trips.

After eating lunch, we quickly headed to Shinjuku Station to catch our bus.  Luckily we headed there a little early...  THANK GOODNESS!  Cause we got lost and almost didn't make it!  Then Paul told us later we had the wrong date reserved, luckily the lady took care of us. Phew!  Here we are on the bus.

Pusheen was excited to go to a new place!

 The bus was really warm... and well you know what happens...  zzzzz

Yep, I woke myself up snoring!

After a 2 hour bus ride, we arrived at our desitnation!  It was pretty dark, so we had no idea how close we are to the mountain.  We dropped off our bags at Plaza Inn and headed out to find food. This was the closest restaurant that was open, so we ate at a tempura restaurant.

Look at all the yummy tempura!

Pusheen says "Itadakimasu"!

After dinner, we headed back to the room to go to bed.  We were tried.  Please check back tomorrow to see our Mt. Fuji pictures!  Oh!  And for Pokemon hunters, we caught a lot of Swinub!


  1. Great trip so far! The chips reminded me of the jagabee potato sticks from Daiso 🖒 and the Pikachu overload reminded me of our Rilakkuma overload 😊 Looking forward to the next post!

  2. I love to read your travel journals! How fun!