Friday, February 17, 2017

Tokyo Adventure IV- Day #1: Travel To Tokyo

OK I just have to say that I'm very bummed that I wrote up a whole post and lost it!  I'm going to try to recreate it, but no guarantees it will be as good as the first.  Damn you blogger!

Take 2...  This trip was totally impulsive.  We had planned to go to Japan sometime in October originally, but while checking airfares, they had an awesome deal for February, so we jumped on it and never looked back.

There was some stressful situations along the way, like expediting Paul's passport renewal, getting a hotel room since our normal hotel was booked, and finding a dog/house sitter while we're away.  Luckily, everything fell into place and here we are!

I'm trying to catch up on posts since we had some technical difficulties initially, so I'm really writing this on Day 3, but hoping to catch up so I don't fall too far behind and can't remember what we did!  So this time we are taking along Grandma Kat and Akemi on this epic adventure!

Paul ended up having to work in Honolulu the day that we left, so we had to meet him in Honolulu.  After saying goodbye to Kiki, we headed for the airport to embark on our adventure!

After landing in Honolulu, we met up with Paul.  So happy he brought us manapua from Chun Wah Kam for lunch!

And finally, we are off to Tokyo!  To be honest, this was the longest flight of my life!  Normally, the 9 hour flight doesn't bother me that much, but I think it had something to do with trying to stay up for most of the flight, and the person next to me fidgeting so much.  And being trapped in the middle section is not fun when you need to use the bathroom.  But I made it through- the goal was Tokyo!  See... she's sleeping before we even take off!

After 9 looooooong hours, we were finally off the plane. Yay!  While heading to customs, we stumbled upon the BB8 plane!

So happy to finally make it to Japan!


 After getting our bags and going through customs, Paul went to pick up our pocket wi-fi and I went to get our subway passes.  We are hoping the pocket wi-fi works out well and is cheaper than turning on our international plan.  Crossing our fingers!

Then we headed to the monorail.  Our room this time is off the Yamanote line, which is more convenient than where we normally stay, but because its on the main line, it is also more crowded.  Imagine all of us with 3 suitcases on a packed train.  I'm talking sardine action.  Poor Grandma was shoved in unexpectedly that she ended up falling/sitting on the suitcase.  We ended up pushing back some since we were literally smooshed into the corner.  I started getting worried that we would miss our stop cause it was so crowded, but thank god that everyone emptied out at Ueno station!  It emptied enough so that we could get closer to the door.  

After getting off the subway, we walked with our suitcases to the room.  It wasn't that close, and after all that travel we were exhausted.  This is the first time we are getting an airbnb room instead of a hotel, but so far so good.  I will try to do a video before we leave.

We had a long travel day and needed to sleep.  See you in tomorrow's post!

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