Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tokyo Adventure IV- Bunny and Hedgehog Cafe

As you may have read from my Day #8 post, we went specifically to Roppongi to try to get into the Harry Cafe.   We got a little lost, but eventually found it.  If we had only turned left out of the train station and cut through a lot, we would've had a direct route to the cafe.

So when you see this sign, you know you're in the right place.  We went upstairs to the 2nd floor to see some hedgehogs.  They were all full, and asked us if we had a reservation.  Of course we didn't as we didn't know if we'd even be able to go... so she said we could wait in line downstairs.

 There was two girls in line ahead of us.  Paul and Grandma decided to sit this one out and waited in the parking lot across from the entrance.  We waited about 10 minutes then saw a group of people leaving the bunny cafe just upstairs from the hedgehog cafe.  After about 5 minutes, a worker came out and talked to the girls in front of us.  They proceeded upstairs.. then the worker came to talk to us and asked us if we would consider going to the bunny cafe instead since it also had hedgehogs.  Akemi was happy cause she wanted to do both.  So we took that option and headed to the 3rd floor.  Inside the cafe, we were seated, and then someone came around with a "menu" which was basically which package you wanted.  We choose the 30 min package since we didn't have much time. It didn't include drinks like the other ones did but we were fine with that.  It was nice that they had an English instruction card available on how to handle the animals. I forgot to take a picture of the hedgehog one... but here's the bunny one.  I think we paid something like 1300 yen each?  I forget, sorry!

Along the wall, there were cages with the animals.  I thought these two chinchillas were so cute!  Later on, the couple next to us picked them and the black one was trying to escape! I'm glad Akemi didn't pick that one.  The white one fell asleep on the boyfriend's lap.

Akemi picked a bunny first.  They give you a blanket and a waterproof pad for your lap in case they make a mess.  Akemi had a few messes made on her. LOL!

This bunny was really active.  It was hopping all over her (and made shi shi and poop too!)

 Most of their bunnies were babies!  So cute!  Their faces were really rounded.

They let you hold each animal for a max of 10 min.  I think its to give others a chance and to give the animal a little break.

I chose a headgehog.  They just gave me anyone, but I think they picked a sleeping one for me.  He didn't move one bit.. even in the box.

See, only sleeping!  Still cute though.  Someone asked me if they had fur, only underneath.  The rest of them was spiny like quills.

He just didn't want to get up for me...

Then Akemi picked a hedgehog.  Her's was much more active than mine.  It pooped on her too.  She keeps telling everyone that their poop is green, so I think that made an impression on her.

He was crawling all over her!!

OK so they let me have another guy.  This one was moving around in the box when I got him.. then he played dead as soon as I picked him up. I followed the instructions, but no luck.

So I turned him over so I could get a look at him.  So cute!

He moved around a little, but just to go back into his hiding position.

Then when I put him back in the box, he started walking around. I guess he just didn't like me.

Akemi made her last pick.. she chose this cute lop!

So adorable!

I must say, this cafe was very clean. Even though you handle the bunnies on your lap. As soon as they make a mess, someone is there to collect the soiled pad and give you a new one.  Plus they had wipes and hand sanitizers at each table.   I'm allergic to bunnies and I didn't even sneeze once.  It was a great alternative to the Harry cafe... in fact, I think it worked out better for us since Akemi wanted to do bunnies too!

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