Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tokyo Adventure IV- Pompompurin Cafe!!!!

 Good Morning from Tokyo!  I'm still trying to finish up the cafe posts from when we went to Harajuku. I'll get to yesterday's events after that.  You are not going to believe what we did yesterday!

OK!  So the thing I wanted to do the most on this trip was visit some themed cafes.  Number one on my list was to see if we could go to the Pompompurin Cafe.  I was happy to see that one of my favorite Sanrio characters had a permanent cafe in Harajuku.  There's more locations too, but this was the one closest to us.  Most times these character themed cafes are only "pop up", so only available for a few months.  I was hoping we would catch a Pokemon pop up or something else I like, but I was happy that I could visit the Pompompurin one!

The Pompompurin Cafe is located in Cute Cube building down Takeshita-dori. If you are getting off at the Harajuku station on the Yamanote Line, veer left and you will see the entrance to Takeshita-dori.  You'll be able to tell by the ball decorations on the sign (looks like balloons).  This area is not for cars, unlike Omotesando.

We made it to the Pompompurin Cafe! It's located on the 3rd floor.  The other half of the third floor is a Patty and Jimmy Cafe.

Here's our cute placemat!  I shoul've taken this home.

And here's the menu.  Sorry, I wasn't able to rotate it for the blog. I'm junk.

They had regular entrees...

And desserts!

And of course they had cute drinks!!

I just loved the decor!

Tried to get a panoramic of the whole cafe.  

Aren't the lamp shades adorable!  I need one for my house!

They had a mini retail corner of the shop too,

And this guy was in the middle of the cafe.  So cute!

Love how it spells out his name!

So Akemi was hungry and ordered the pasta.  Pompompurin was made out of a hard boiled egg.  It also came with some clear mushroom soup (was good!), salad, and bread.  Not bad for a themed cafe. I didn't expect that much in terms of taste, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Grandma Kat ordered the roast beef bowl, or something like that.  It also came with salad.  Pompompurin was made out of rice this time.  The only thing I didn't care for was that the gravy was cold.  I think it was supposed to be that way- I'm just not that sophisticated.

So my original plan was to just order desserts.  I was going to order the pancake special since it comes with a free pompompurin mug, but the girl told me they were sold out.  Junk! So, Paul and I ordered this parfait.  Pompompurin was actually made of pudding this time!  His baret was a chocolate covered cookie.  The parfait also had bananas, ice cream, brownies, whipped cream, cereal, and coffee jelly on the bottom.  I thought it was a weird combination, but overall it was good.

I also got the ice cream soda!  I think that was my favorite item that we ordered!  The bottom had some kind of strawberry topping that had real fruit in it.  When you mix it up and let the ice cream melt, it was good!  I had a hard time eating Pompompurin though.

I walked around the cafe to soak up all the cuteness!  Loved these cafe themed decor.  I wanted to take home that hamburger for some reason!

I think it bothered everyone that he has a little "x" on his butt.

More cuteness!

Me and Pompom!

They had a sign outside of the cafe. I guess so you know what they serve. Most places will have this or the fake food outside the restaurant... this is very helpful for foreigners!

Its a Pompompurin Daruma!

That made me really happy!  Even thought it rained on us later, I had a great day and would totally go back again!

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