Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tokyo Adventure III- What To Pack?

The countdown has begun!  We are less than 2 weeks away from our trip to Japan and I am super duper excited!  This trip has been in the works for some time and I desperately need a getaway.  So now that we are closer to lift off, I decided to share with you what I plan to take on my trip.  If you find this boring, I won't feel offended if you decide not to read this.  This is more for me to remember what to pack! LOL!

So this time, we are heading to Tokyo but it's at a different time of year than we have gone before.  The last two times were in the winter and early spring, so it was much colder than it is now.   The first thing I do is check the local weather to figure out what to pack.

I'll admit, I tend to overpack, but this time I'm determined to underpack so that I have more room for more stuff!  Our airline is allowing us two bags for free (on international flights), but because we travel a lot by subway/train, I plan on taking just one suitcase.  Albeit it is a very large suitcase!  I also plan on taking an empty duffle bag that will be inside my suitcase so that when we return, I'll have an extra bag.  Smart yah?

In addition to my luggage, I also plan on bringing my travel backpack and Vera Bradley carry on.  My Vera Bradley will not likely have anything in it, so I may also tuck that into my suitcase if I can fit it there.

My backpack will be my main carry on and will hold all of my essentials:

Travel folder- all travel documents including reservations, itinerary, etc.
Phone, charger and headphones
doTerra Essential Oils (just in case)
purse- I like my LeSportsac purse that can be a crossbody, lightweight and has zipper pockets on the outside.  This allows me to find my subway card quickly.
Toothbrush & Toothpaste  (just in case)
Anything else I need- can't think of anything else at the moment.  I want to try bring some crafty thing for the plane.

My main luggage will contain mostly clothes- going lean this time so just a few tops and one pair of jeans.  Yikes!  Gonna wear one on the plane and rotate them.  Eek!  Plus underwear (duh) and toiletries.  I plan on wearing my walking shoes on the plane and bring a pair of slippers for short outings.

Now, I could just use the hotel toiletries, but I'm a bit spoiled and used to my own stuff, so I'm still bringing my own. My husband will likely just use what the hotel provides.

My husband will also pack his laptop and accessories in addition to his clothes.  Our suitcases will be relatively empty going over.  Yay!  We always bring at least one computer so that we can download pics to free space on our cameras.  I also use it to do daily blogs and may even try vlogging this time.  Wish me luck.

The only other things we plan on taking is omiyage (gifts) for friends and to use in place of gratuity.  But the good news is that it will disappear from our luggage and leave us with more room to fill with goodies!  I will write more on omiyage in another post. Until then- Ja Mata!

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