Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tokyo Adventure III Day 4- Tokyo Disneyland

So I gave my sister one day that she could choose what we were gonna do.  She chose Disneyland of course, but we had to switch up the day we planned to go.  At first we were gonna go on Thursday, but Paul thought about it and since Golden week is starting, we thought it be best to change our Disney day to Tuesday.

We got an early start to Tokyo Disneyland right after breakfast.  It was during rush hour, but not as bad as we thought.  Once we got there, Paul grabbed some provisions... Yay!  Natchan!!  He also found a mini baumkuchen.  We didn't try it yet.

Inside, we tried to find the map for the egg hunt, but was having trouble.  On our way inside, Denise saw some poppies and insisted we take a photo with her in it for Guido.  Hi Guido!

After we found a couple of eggs and went on Mickey's Philharmagic (totally recommended by the way), we saw one of the cards from Alice in Wonderland!  Since Akemi is in Alice in Wonderland this year, we thought she would get a kick out of it!

In toontown, we found one of the eggs for the egg hunt.  It's Mickey!  Donald Duck helped us out by pointing out that it was Mickey.  Thanks Donald!

Here's mom buying her first flavored popcorn.  We found a strawberry popcorn cart in Toontown! Yay!  The last couple of times we went, we never saw strawberry there.  We only found it in Disney Sea, so I was happy to see that they had more flavors available in Disneyland.

I wanted to take this Mickey macaron pillow home but it was too big.

Denise liked the Chip 'n Dale eggs that were also in Toontown.

Our next egg was a bit of a challenge.  It turned out to be the alien egg near the Buzz Lightyear egg, but for some reason we couldn't find it!  This nice employee helped us out by pointing it out to us.  I made him take a picture with us.  We are sad times yah?

While searching for the alien egg, we found R2D2!!  This egg was pretty awesome.

We weren't expecting much food wise, but we stumbled onto a cafeteria style eatery that had rice bowls.  This one had an egg shaped mickey yolk!  Still having a hard time wrapping my brain around how they did that.

This tasted better than it looked, but it was a fried chicken in a steam bun mickey glove.

Denise wanted a picture in front of the castle at Tokyo Disney.  Yay!

Surprisingly, there's not that much Japanese stuff in Tokyo Disney.  I guess they like American stuff, but I did see this cute pooh musubi holder.  Mom fell in love with the Pooh ride and ended up buying some pooh stuff because of it.

After we got our eggs for finishing the egg hunt, we went back to the lockers and saw Uncle Scrooge!  I never see him, so I got a photo of him.

By then, we really wanted something sweet and decided on a Mickey waffle.  We got one in chocolate and one in strawberry custard, both ala mode.  They were awesome.

I think Dumbo was hungry too.  He really liked the curry popcorn and shoyu butter!

Dumbo liked the poppies too!

Add three more aliens to the mix!

We were futting around while waiting for Mom and Denise.  Do you like the eggs?

Here's some of the Easter decorations in the park.. so cute!

I guess I didn't take as many photos cause I was trying to take video.. When I finish up my video, I'll share it here too.

We decided to skip the fireworks and castle show and head back to the hotel.  On the way, we stopped and picked up food.  I was amazed that they got three sushi packs for only 1500 yen.  My katsu curry was only 500 yen.  Fricken awesome!  We took it back to the hotel and drank the sake from Narita with our meal.  Good ending to a fun day!

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