Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tokyo Adventure III Day 3- Shibuya, Puroland, and Studio Ghibli

Are you tired yet?  I'm exhausted, but still trying to catch up on posts.  Welcome to my Day 3 post, which includes shopping at Shibuya, a trip to Puroland, and Studio Ghibli.  We also go back to Shibuya for dinner and to pick up our Disneyland tickets.

Started off the day trying to figure out how to use Paul's selfie stick with my camera.  Took this selfie w/Mom and Denise in our hotel room.  Chi-zu!

After breakfast, we headed out to Ueno Station.  All these years we've stayed at this hotel, we never caught the free shuttle to Ueno.  Hello!  It makes life a lot easier.  Thank you Toyoko Inn!

From Ueno, we headed to Shibuya Station so Mom and Denise could meet Hachiko!

We got there so early, none of the stores were open yet.  We decided to go to Tokyo Hands first.  I came across these weird eyeballs.  Not sure why anyone would want these!  They are kinda creepy.

Aaaahhh, Copics!  I need to come back to pick up some of you.  Didn't want to buy all of them now and have to carry them all over Puroland.  All in good time....

Paul found this little guy in the pet section.  I don't remember them having a pet section before!  They also had bunnies and fish too.

After Tokyu Hands, we headed for the Loft.  On the way there, we found an arcade with the UFO catcher game that I wanted to try.  The arcade was open so as we were going inside, we saw this!!!!

Had to stop and play a game.  It was hard to figure out since there was a card that we eventually figured out stores your history as you keep playing.  It was fun to watch, but we didn't get any of the prizes.  Junk.  Hopefully when we make it back to Shibuya we can try again.

We eventually made it to the Loft and only had time for shopping on the first floor so I picked up a few goodies here and there before we left to try to find the Disney Store.  For some reason the Disney store is not on any maps of the area, so luckily Paul was able to find it and lead us there.   I have a haul video in the works to show you all the goodies we go there, so stay tuned.

We decided it was time to make our way to Puroland.. but I think we were all getting hungry... especially me!  So we stopped at one of the stations and found a little bakery for lunch.  Everything was ono.

OK I know, I'm needy, but I was afraid to take the train without Paul, so I made him come with us to Puroland, then he had to back track with Denise to get to Studio Ghibli.  I understand they were late but they were still able to get in (phew!).

Getting to Puroland from the monorail station wasn't too bad.  It was just a short walk, then I looked up and saw the cutest castle you've ever seen!  We parted ways with Paul and my sis and made our way inside.  Here's the first photo we took once we got in... I gotta say, I'm falling for Purin!

Mom fell in love with him too.  See!

The main store contained so much stuff!  We decided to just browse first then go inside and shop just before we leave.  Here's some of the cute snacks I saw!  Oh, and I have a whole video just on my Puroland purchases that I'll try to upload soon.

Once we did a walk through, we decided to head inside.  The first attraction we saw was the boat ride and decided to go since there was no wait.  Here we are before we got on the ride...

I actually tried to video tape the ride, we'll see how that comes out before I post anything.

This next photo is my favorite!  I fell in love with these little cuties! I don't even know who they are!  They were so tiny, Mom and I had to kneel down to take the picture with them.  The cutest memory was seeing the guy in front of us greet the characters, hug them, kneel down and take a photo, all without any kids or anyone else around.  I swear, he was with the family before him, but he did not know anyone else.

After the meet 'n greet, we headed for the cafeteria/food court area.  Here's what the menus featured.

And this is what we ordered.  Flavored popcorn, soda, Kitty mochi, and a creme roll.

  Awesome junk food!  Herre's a close up of those HK mochi's!  The white one has custard and the pink had strawberry inside.  I didn't get to try the custard one, but the strawberry one was interesting.  It had strawberry flavored an inside. I liked it but not sure I would buy it again.  Oh... and I took a picture of the chopstick too cause it was so cute.  I knew Mom would want to take one home.

This popcorn was flavored but not sure what flavor.  It was just sweet.  Very good too- not stale at all!

Outside of the food court was a guy with a booth showing all of his 3D projects using paper.  I liked the Little Twinstars scene- so cute!. I totally wanted to buy it but couldn't figure out how to get it home without smashing it.

We then stumbled on the Mymeroaddrive?  I think it was supposed to say My Melody Road Drive?  Or my Memory Drive?  Not sure.  But it was a My Melody ride in a My Melody shaped car that took photos of you throughout the ride.

They had one car outside where you could take a photo in, so I told Mom to go in while we had our less than 5 min wait,

Look how cute My Melody baby was!

Like I said, throughout the ride there were photos that were taken of you... This was the last scene where all the characters were behind you.  I started having fun and making funny faces behind Mom.

This display was pretty awesome.  It was hanging on a wall and had all the toys on it.

We found a Cinnamon Roll statue!

Then we headed to the main shop to do some damage.  I have a haul video to share with you all the things I picked up.  Then it was time to say goodbye to Puroland.  I had so much fun and was happy that I got to go with someone who loved Sanrio as much as me!

We then headed to the station to meet up with Paul and Denise.  It was my first train trip without Paul. I was so proud of myself! (with the help of Mom).  We didn't get lost!

Meanwhile, Paul and Denise headed to Studio Ghibli.  In case you don't know what that is, its the Miyazaki studio that makes Totoro and other well known films such as Kiki's Delivery Service (of which Kiki our dog is named after) and other ones that I can't think of now. Sorry I'm tired.  Paul found the Egg Princess...

OK I don't know what the significance of the chair is, but I guess it was something important for Denise to want to take a photo in.

They even had a treat- soft serve... They said it was good.

And they saw Totoro!

After we met back up, we thought we should go back to Shibuya to get our Disneyland Tickets.  They sell them at the Disney store, so we made our way back there through rush hour traffic.  I guess I've never been to Shibuya at night.  Its more crowded at night than it is during the day.  After trying to find food at several places, we settled on a hamburger place.  I know, I know. We did it.

Anyway, it was pretty darn good burgers!  Mine had bacon and eggs, Denise and Mom shared a teriyaki and egg burger, and Paul had a chili cheese burger.  All were oisihii!  I was laughing at this sign behind us... Eat More Vegetable!

Here's our burger.  Dang... I dont' think my mouth is big enough!

Finally, on the way home, I saw this ad in the train and could not for the life of me figure out what it was for.. Any guesses?  Why is she touching her arm pit?  LOL!  Had to get a photo!

What we thought was going to be a not so bad day, turned out to be very long and stressful.  But it was totally worth it!!!  I had so much fun at Puroland!  Gotta go sleep and get ready for Tokyo Disney!


  1. We're thinking of going back next year, I wonder if Randy will go to Puroland with me. I'm glad I saw your pics, I wasn't sure if it would be worth going or not. I wanna go now!!

    1. He might not enjoy it, but I had fun. Its way smaller than Disneyland. I think we did it in like 3 hours which included all the shopping.

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  2. Better yet!! I won't have to waste too much of the day :)