Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tokyo Adventure Day 5- Asakusa: Nakamise and Skytree Solamachi

Wassup Everyone!  I'm late again and really want to catch up on my posts!  I've never been so behind on trip posts... guess I'm having a lot of fun.

Soooo yesterday we went to shop in the Nakamise area, which is just down the road from our hotel. It's one of the main reasons we like to stay in Asakusa.  I love the shopping there and its down the road from the taiko store.  

We decided to have a lighter breakfast in anticipation of all the treats we'd be eating.  But first, shopping!  We got to Nakamise early, but they opened just as we got there.  So mom and Denise went crazy.  First stop was the kiosk with all the mobiles.  Denise and I bought a bunch of them.. mostly for ourselves!!

As we made our way down the main street, I saw this cute froggy.  I had to take a pic of him.

After a lot of shopping, we were hungry and ready for our first snack.  We hit the age manju booth and picked out two flavors to share... custard and sakura.  Everyone liked the sakura the best.

Denise liked the lanterns and wanted me to take her picture with them.

While finishing up our age manju, we decided to wait in line for our melon pan.  I was so excited!!!  Told them that I wasn't sharing with them so they decided to share one.  Denise and I couldn't wait for Mom.  She was busy ordering a shave ice.

The shave ice was pretty darn good!  Look how big it was!

We looked up and noticed the wisteria were in bloom.

Mom called this pitiful... can't wait to check out the garden that's known for the wisteria.

We decided to head back to the hotel to drop off our goodies.  Then we headed back to Nakamise to get lunch.  On the way, I initiated Denise and made her take a pic by Tamagochi at the Ban Dai building.

We decided to eat at a restaurant in Nakamise.  It served don dishes and udon.  I thought this instruction on how to eat udon in their menu was so cute!

One of these things is not like the other!!  LOL!  I laughed at Mom's chopstick rest.  I had to make everyone boats cause their's looked like rubbish.

Mom got the cold udon... hit the spot on a hot day.

Here's my ten don.  Yum!

And Denise had oyako don.  That was good too.

Paul met up with us while we were eating.  He forgot to give the taiko store omiyage, so we headed back to Miyamoto's to drop it off.  Mom and Denise checked out all the drums upstairs.

Next we headed to Mister Donut!!

OMG I was so excited to eat one!  Love me some Mister Donut!

We then went to a grocery store to find Sweet Secret candy for Akemi along with other provisions.  Then headed back to the hotel to drop of our stuff and head back out to the Skytree Solamachi- which is a mall.  It had good stores!  In fact, I had a lot of fun!!  Mom liked the Hello Kitty store- Kitty is in a kimono!

We found this kitty product interesting...  Its an apple inside of a baumkuchen cake.  We almost bought it but later decided not to.  Has any of my Japan peeps tried this before?

Found the Skytree characters outside.

Paul discovered the biru seto during lunch and found the tako yaki place also had biru seto!  One beer and a takoyaki!

I found the Rilakkuma store!  It is so kawaii!

Had to introduce Dumbo to my new friends.

We also found the TV Character shop store.  Outside was a huge Domo!

Just before leaving, we found the Totoro store!  I found the catbus!

This huge Totoro was the window display.

While Denise made a purchase, we waited outside for them and got a shot of the Skytree.  No one wanted to go up the Skytree... maybe next time.

Dumbo took a selfie too...

 For some reason, Paul wanted to try the Cheese Garden.  I didn't know he had made a purchase... I guess it's supposed to be cheesecake but not sure it looks all that appetizing.

OMG I'm still behind on posts!  Hopefully I can post our Mt. Fuji day tomorrow.  Oyasuminasai!

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