Monday, April 27, 2015

Tokyo Adventure III Day 2- Narita & Asakusa

Ohayoo Tokyo!!  Welcome to our Day 2, but first whole day in Tokyo!  Warning... this is a very long post!   Today we have to wake up early to pick up my sister at Narita Airport- which we've never been before, and then explore the area a bit before going back to our hotel.  I was happy to find milk tea so readily available everywhere!  Yay! My first milk tea on this trip!

We are still kind of on Hawaii time, so we all woke up early.  Paul went for a run, so Mom and I decided to take a little walk before breakfast.  On our way to Nakamise, we saw our old friends at the BanDai building...  Mom went though her Tokyo Initiation by taking photos with the statues.  She picked out her favorites....  Doraemon!

I don't know what this frog's name is but he's waaaay cute!

And just found out Cinnamon Roll is my niece's favorite!

Since no one was around, we thought we should take a selfie at the Kaminarimon!

Its rare to get a photo of the Kaminarimon when no ones around, so I made mom take a pic then,

Since none of the shops were open yet, we headed to the Sensoji Temple at the end of Nakamise.  We were surprised to see so many doggies!!! I swear I saw Boo there too,

Meanwhile, Paul went running around Asakusa.  He must've passed by the Miyamoto Taiko Store and snapped this pic.

And he got this really nice shot of the Tokyo Skytree.  I think its the tallest tower in Japan, maybe the whole world?

Then we headed back to the hotel for some breakfast!  Yum.  Paul is showing off what he took.  I think its our favorite thing about our hotel.

This time they had marbled bread.  One was chocolate, one was sakura.  The next morning we also tried the macha flavored bread.

After breakfast, we headed to Narita to pick up my sister.  We ended up buying the wrong ticket, but in the end it worked out ok.  We found her pretty quickly... phew!

The gangs all together!

While waiting for Denise to get her cell phone, Paul and I entertained ourselves... That girl sure has thick eyebrows.  I was trying to mimic her, but I just waxed mine before the trip, so mine weren't that bushy.  I think we should have had Paul stand next to her instead!  LOL!

So when we were in the terminal area, we heard someone yell... "Ohayoo Gozaimasu!".  Then there was a crowed of people and cameras, etc.  Then we saw these dudes taking photos and signing autographs,  We had no idea who they were.  Paul facebooked this photo and they were identified as Collabro, winner of Britian's Got Talent.  Still don't know who they are, but it was still fun to watch.

Didn't have the nerve to ask them for a photo, so we just took a selfie.

We then took Denise's luggage to a storage service and then headed to Narita town.  While on the train, I found Dumbo in my purse!  We forgot to put him in pictures.. better remind us Dumbo!

 We finally made it to Narita.  Stumbled on his milk shop?? Everything seemed to have cows or milk theme, so we tried the flavored milk.  Not my fave, but it was ok.  Thought these udder chocolates were hilarious though...

We found the Tanuki statutes, which I think are a racoon.  My sister was just telling me that she was trying to draw them for a possible Sister Stamps image, until she found out that those things under him are not feet!!!  We decided to skip on that image concept and had a good chuckle when we saw all of them lined up!

On Omotesando street in Narita, they had all the Chinese Zodiac characters.  Denise is year of the snake, so she took a photo by the snake.

She also wanted a photo near the dragon since that's her husband's sign,

Paul found his sign.

And so did Mom.

I thought these sakura carved in stone was so pretty!

Paul was happy to find a Taiko shop!

You can never have too much bachi I guess....

Ok I finally saw the ox.  Its my sign but I don't like it very much.

Paul and Mom found these sake barrells!  She ended up buying a bottle that a local shop made themselves.  The guy gave us a sample and it was pretty darn good!

We found this shop that made the arare right there onsite and couldn't resist a taste,

We finally settled on lunch at Chrysanthemum Restaurant.. I think they've been there for years.  I guess this area is known for their unagi?  It was delish!  BTW- this is the cutest ginger ale bottle I ever saw!

I don't know what was better, the food or being able to sit down a bit!

They had nameko in the miso soup!

Paul and I decided to share the unagi and ten don so we could try both.

After we ate, we were passing by another restaurant and saw the cutest Minnie Mouse ever@  I wish I could have bought her, but they didn't have any more.  I think it was just their display,

 While Mom and Denise were picking out chopsticks, I found a cute kimono store... this cute Maneki Neko was dressed in Kimono so I posed with her.

We finally made it all the way down the road to the temple called Narita-san,  I think we were too tired, we didn't go inside.  LOL!

After a bathroom break, we started our way backup the hill and found this cute street sign!

OMG.. saw a video on YouTube... which inspired this whole trip to Narita town by the way.... and they bought these flavored honeys that you can mix with water or use as toppings.  It was oishii!  I got a couple to take back home.

After we made it back to the station, we headed back to the airport to pick up my sister's bags and then got on one of the express trains.  In this one you get a reserved seat- nice!

OK I have a haul video coming up, but in the meantime, here's a sneek peek of one thing we got on our trip... LOL!

I really don't know how we did it but we managed to go out that night and meet Ai to eat an an Izakaya (bar).  She said the food wasn't that good, but it was pretty darn good to us. She must think we have junk taste.  Mom was happy to have french fries for dinner.

Paul must've taken this pic of the ika.

We asked the waiter to take our photo... man, that was a bad angle!

After dinner, we headed back to Nakamise to meet up with another of Paul's old friends from college.  Colin said he calculated it out and the last time he saw Paul was over 20 years ago... man, we are getting old!

We decided to get dessert, so we went to some restaurant- not even sure what the name was.  But it seems a lot of places have these buttons that are at the table.  You press the button when you want service.  Fricken awesome if you ask me.  How come this isn't in Hawaii yet?

Here's Colin demonstrating how to use the button with Aloha!

And here's what we had for dessert.  Sorry it wasn't that great but we were just happy with the company.

Almost caught up on my posts!  I'm sure my next one will be long too.  Hope you enjoy!

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