Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tokyo Adventure III Day 6- Hakone: Mt. Fuji

Ohayoo Gozaimasu!  Up early today and thought I'd catch up on some posts.  Yesterday was another long day but it was a nice break from shopping.  We woke up early and headed for Mt. Fuji.  If you remember, I told you we were supposed to go to Fuji-san on Tuesday but ended up switching the days with Disneyland since Golden Week is starting here in Japan.  We thought Disney would be more crowded on Thursday, so we ended up going early to try to beat the crowds.  I'm pretty sure we made the right choice!

Before we left, I wanted to go to the bathroom one last time... Saw this cute sign in the hotel lobby bathroom, but couldn't figure out what the sign meant.  My friend Sherri (My Japan Life) translated it for me.  It says "Thank you for using the bathroom so nicely.  We are continuing to save electricity and water."  I'm still trying to figure out what the guy is on the left.  Is that a pipe?  Japanese can make anything kawaii.

Then we were off to Mt. Fuji.  Recently, I started noticing more and more of these funny signs in the train stations, like this one.

Ha ha, this next one reminds me of when Akemi came with us and used to always get stuck.  I saw a little girl get stuck on this trip and it reminded me of her.

After several transfers, we got to Tokyo Station- which is huge and always crowded.  After a confusing issue with our tickets we finally made it on the shinkansen!!!  It was my first time riding one.  I loved it. Super smooth and fast!

While Paul was figuring out the tickets, I got some Tokyo Banana.  I've always wanted to try it cause I see it everywhere  It reminds me of a better tasting banana filled twinkie.  Not my fave but it was tasty.  I think Dumbo liked it.

Denise can fall asleep on any vehicle.  See?  Here she is on the Shinkansen.

We decided to get the Hakone Free Pass which included all the transportation pictured here... First you go on the train up the mountain, then the cable car, then transfer to the rope way (which was very cool by the way), then ride a boat, and then a bus!  Quite a deal for only 4000 yen!

While waiting for the train to start our adventure, we decided to try one of our combini snacks- I heard that these arare filled with cheese was supposed to be good.  Reminded me of a Japanese combo?!  It was ok tasting but boy was it stink!  Paul liked it.  Mom and Denise wouldn't even try it!  LOL!

Here's Denise sleeping on the train.  LOL!  I think we were only on it for like 5 min before she fell asleep!

OK... fast forward past the slow a$$ train that took us up the mountain and cable car.    Dumbo was excited to ride the cable car too!

Here's us on the rope way... its similar to those skyline rides that used to be at the fair/Disneyland but much bigger and takes you up much higher.  I loved this part!!!  You could catch an awesome view of Hakone!

Hakone is beautiful.  As you can see it was hazy.  We were worried we wouldn't be able to see Fuji-san.

Here's the view of the ropeway.

Here's a pic of the steam vents from the volcano.

This photo doesn't show you just how high we were.  You gotta go experience it for yourself!

Fuji-san was hiding from us.

After we got off the ropeway, we found a large store that had all kinds of omiyage... Including a kawaii Fuji-san!!!  I was so happy.  I totally wanted something with Fuji-san on it and how perfect was this guy for me!?  Happy Dance!

The other thing you see are these black eggs.  They are regular eggs that are cooked in the hot springs which has a lot of sulfur. When they are cooked, they turn black.  When you eat one, it is believed to add on 7 more years to your life.  We made everyone eat one... they were good!

Here's more pics of the steam vents.  You could smell the sulfur. Dumbo liked the eggs too...

Paul managed to get the best shot of the day...

We tried to get a selfie with Fuji-san but it didn't come out too well.

Another photo op... Had to touch the black egg!  

And there was a Hello Kitty black egg!!  Why?  I don't know but I liked her anyway.

We then took another ropeway to the next station, where you can board a Pirate Ship. I needed some caffeine badly so I happened upon this dude:

That iced coffee did the trick but their packaging cracks me up! Now it was time to decide which route we would take...  We were a little hesitant to go on the boat,  but given the other option would be to go back the way we came, we all opted for the ship.  It turned out to be very smooth and an enjoyable ride!  So glad we were able to get seats.  

Saw these cute Tsuru and Swan paddle boats!  Totally reminded me of when we went to Waikoloa and almost sank with the girls.  LOL!

Here's a better shot of the Tsuru.

About 5 min in and Denise was sleeping again!   

It was about a 30 min boat ride... In fact everything was about 30 min!

Here's Mom enjoying the view...

Paul and I went exploring on the boat and took our pirate pic.  Arrrrgh Matey!

After we got off the boat, we were all hungry and decided to look for some food. While getting our bearings, I saw this cherry blossom tree!  Mom was thrilled!

Here's me and Denise under the white cherry blossoms!

Saw this Tori gate in the water- so pretty!

And we found a pink sakura tree!

We found this hole in the wall ramen place.  Boy did it hit the spot!

Denise wanted to check out this bakery we had passed earlier... Look at this cute doggie that was waiting outside for his owner!

He's so cute!  I think he wanted to kiss me.  Kinda looks like a long haired pug?

Then we shared a dessert... Just pointed to the pic and ordered it, but found out from the girl that it was honey toast with soft serve!  Yay!  It was pretty good!

Like how this pic came out, except for the car. I guess I should've had them stand in front of the car instead.

Here's the back view of the gate with some white sakura...

It was time to board our last leg of the Free Pass trip- the bus ride back to the station.  We were sitting across from Mom and Denise but Paul still managed to get this pic of her sleeping.  LOL!!

At the station, we found these cute mochi bunnies!  Inside was fruit and cream filling.. decided to pass on it, but looks so kawaii!

Finally made it back to Tokyo Station.  Since it wasn't too late, we decided to check out Character Street before heading home.  Found all kinds of goodies that I will share in a haul video later.  We found the Master Poke ball at the Pokemon store for our nephew!

 Paul was excited to find Mei-chan's corn from Totoro!

And here's that werid egg guy.  Apparently there's a cartoon on this Sanrio character... Wait, this is Sanrio?  So weird.  He's growing on us.

Back in Asakusa, we found more posters in the subway station:

No idea what that cowgirl with the sheep people poster means.

I started to get hungry again, so we decided to pick up snacks from the 711 combini.  It was pretty darn good!  Karaage chicken, packaged ham roll, steak flavored chips, Natchan, chili chips and a manapua.

Here's Paul with his karaage skewer.

 That was a full day but so worth it!  It turned out to be a day with so much fun memories! Thx Paul for putting up with all of our complaining.  LOL!

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