Sunday, July 31, 2016

LA Trip Day 4- California Adventure and Disneyland

We started Day 4 by eating a good breakfast at the hotel (I'm still bummed that I didn't get a picture of their epic breakfasts!) and then making our way to California Adventure.  We decided to let everyone get more sleep and didn't wake them up early like we did the day before.    First on the agenda was to get fast passes for Racers.  Sorry I don't know the official name but its the one in cars land.  After a little mix up, we re-grouped and took a picture at the pier facing the mickey wheel. 
Paul decided to take another one in true selfie mode.
We then headed to Toy Story.  That wait was so hot but that ride is so much fun!  After that we were ready for a drink.  First we got a frozen lemonade but it takes long to thaw- so we jumped on Little Mermaid- which was pretty much no wait!  I love that ride!  By then, our frozen lemonade was thawed enough to start eating, but we wanted a cool place to sit, so we headed to Starbucks.  I decided to try the infamous "Pink Drink".  It was pretty good but not something I'd go back for.  I hear they have other color drinks too.. not sure if I'd try them or not.
So the rest is a bit of a blur.  I think we actually ended up back at Disneyland somehow but can't remember what we did.  See!  That's why I should write them on the trip.  Otherwise I forget.  Well, then we ended up back to California Adventure and tried to get on Soarin.  I think they just updated it, so the line was pretty long (all lines are long in the summer), so the kids didn't want to wait.  We decided to try Monster's Inc, which normally doesn't have any line, but this time it did.  Here's where I almost passed out from the heat!  I think Paul knew I was suffering, so he took us to the old Muppet Time Theater for a break.  On a side note, I'm still very sad that they are no longer using the theater for the Muppets.  That was one of my favorite attractions in CA!  But I didn't argue with Paul since we could wait in air condition.  The theater was featuring a preview of Pete's Dragon, which turned out to be pretty enjoyable!  I think the girls want to go see it now.  After the preview, we felt much better and it was time to go to use our fast pass on the Racers ride.  On our way, look who just came out for photos!

It's Goofy!!

Then we had a nice short wait for Racers... Thank goodness!  If it weren't for fast pass, I don't think we would've road most of the rides.  That is one of my faves.  Then we decided to get a treat before heading back to the hotel.  We decided on Ghiradelli-  They have the best ice cream!
I think Akemi picked the best one.  I think she said it was a frozen hot chocolate.  I had a diet coke float.  Yes, diet coke. LOL!
After that treat we were ready to leave.  The girls cooled off in the pool for the last time.  We were going to go back to the park but decided we were too tired.  Had another late dinner- this time at Panera Bread.  I love that place!  The girls had so much fun just hanging out!
So that ends our Disney part of the trip!  Still more to come though so stay tuned!

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