Friday, July 29, 2016

LA Trip Day 2: Temecula & Anaheim Packing Co.

So after an exhausting day of travel and getting settled in, we were off the next day to Temecula!  I had never been there before, but I heard they have a casino and wineries, so we have nothing to lose right?  My sister decided to stay back and watch the girls while I took Paul and my mom with me.  It was a long road trip but not too bad since it was Sunday and not that much traffic.

After a nice drive, we met up with Rina!  Yay!  Finally got to meet her baby- Buster!  He's the cutest beagle ever!

Paul and Buster are best buds now.  I hope Kiki is not jealous.

Guess who met us!!!  It's Vicki!!

We got the grand tour.  Look how clean Rina's craft room is!  I told her that her room looks like she's in a black and white movie.

I had to take a selfie in her room.

Look who else showed up!?  It's Marisa!

We are all ready to crash out at Rina's on our next Crafty Adventure...

We headed for the casino for lunch and a little gambling.  Had to get a group photo before Marisa left.  Was so glad she was able to join us at the last minute!

I was not so lucky...  Sad times.

My mom on the other hand was the big winner!

 After the casino, we dropped everyone off, but Rina insisted we try her dessert!  She's a domestic Scrapstress!

Heading home, we encountered the epic traffic that everyone told us about.

Luckily the WAZE App re-routed us around the traffic.  It said it saved us only 4 min., but I think was more like 20!  Just gotta have faith in the WAZE app!

We finally made it back and Paul was able to see some taiko and experience a California obon.  We dropped him off then picked up the girls who were all hungry.  Then we headed to the Anaheim Packing Co. for dinner.  It was much more crowded than when we went in January.  I should've expected as much.  Luckily I used my sharp ninja skills and had my game face on, so I was able to secure a table for us.

After everyone ate, we had dessert at the Pop Bar.  Yummy!  You should definitely try it!  Its either gelato or sorbetto popcicles that they dip and sprinkle for you.

Everyone loved it!

I had gone back to the bakery to get some blueberry NY Seltzers (Yum!) and saw these desserts.  I really wanted to get one, but we ate so much I decided not to.  Plus we had a ton of junks at the room.

 When the cashier heard I was visiting, she gave me a free "OMG" bar.  It looked like a lemon bar but no lemon and it was really buttery.  We were fighting for it.  Definitely recommended.

Back in the room, we had to set up more beds.  My sister brought her eggshell mattress.  I took this picture while cracking up.  You can't see my sister in it but it took 3 of them to get that mattress out of the bag! Needless to say, it didn't fit back in there. I couldn't stop laughing!

 We were pooped and didn't even go to Disney yet!

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  1. Jenny! Denise and I were actually able to put the mattress back into the bag, hahaha!