Wednesday, August 3, 2016

LA Trip Day 5- Citadel

So we decided to take a break from the theme parks and go shopping!  Yay!  My daughter hates shopping.  I know... how the heck is she my daughter right?  Regardless, we dragged the girls with us.  They seemed to entertain themselves by taking selfies on my phone.
After going through the mall, we were hungry and ended up at Ruby's Diner.  Not our first choice, but it was air conditioned, so we settled on that instead of the food court 
They gave the girls those paper cars... cute yah?  Yes, I ordered chili cheese fries for lunch.  LOL!
Before we had to drop off the girls, we decided to get a snack.  I heard of a place that sells churros that I wanted to try.  It was supposedly nearby my brother's house but it turned out that it wasn't as close as I thought. 
This little gem of a place is called The Loop.  Their churros are formed into a (huge) loop, thus the name.  What appealed to me was you could get it with soft serve!!  You could also get it glazed with toppings.  We weren't that hungry, so we all just shared one. This place was founded on social media, so they created a wall that is a backdrop for your selfies!
There it is!  It was the best churro I've ever had!
And they've totally embraced the pokemon craze!
We were pleasantly surprised to come home to more dessert!  My sister in law made us mochi cupcakes!! I was in heaven!
And finally, my brother's dragon fruit plant was blooming!  I think it only blooms like for a day or two.  Mom was so happy she was able to see it! He had about 4-5 blooms on that one plant!  What I didn't get a photo of was our dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  My brother in law was able to join us, so we were happy to finally see Guido!  After dinner we were tired and headed back to the hotel minus my nieces.  Next up is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

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