Saturday, July 30, 2016

LA Trip Day 3- Disneyland

We had a plan, but it didn't work out.  We were supposed to wake up really early so that we could get there before the park opened, but decided to not rush the girls since we didn't want any crabbies with us at the Happiest Place on Earth.  So instead of parking at the Mickey & Friends structure (I hate that parking), we decided to try the Toy Story parking.  Its just down the street from our hotel and they have a free shuttle to the park's main gate.  You would need to pay for parking normally, but we were lucky that my sister got us free parking.  

Tip:  If you are at a hotel nearby Toy Story lot, you can walk over and jump on a shuttle without paying!  

Tip:  If you paid for your parking, then go back to the hotel, then return later that evening, show them your ticket and you won't be charged again.  Yay!

Before we go into the park, I always take a photo of the kids in case they go missing.  That way I'll know what they were wearing.  My daughter looks so excited yah?

At least my nieces and husband look more excited!

Yay!  We finally made it to the real gate!  I think we had to stand in like 3 lines before actually getting into Disneyland.

First up:  getting the Star Tours fast pass. Note:  The fast pass machines are located near the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Tip:  The first two machines are for Buzz Lightyear and the last 4 are for Star Tours.  I think many people got them mixed up and were disappointed when they had a fastpass for the wrong ride.

Since there was no wait for Buzz, we walked right on.  And yes, I beat everyone's score!!!

After we got off Buzz, we hung out in the store you exit too (Sorry I don't know the name).  Suddenly everyone went to the restroom, so I entertained myself by trying on the Dory ears.

Meanwhile, Paul went to Thundermountain to get fast passes.  He had to wait until the Star Tours time was near in order to get them.  By the time he came back it was time to ride Star Tours!  I love Fastpass.

After Star Tours, we went to Star Trader for a little shopping.  I never saw this build a droid section before.  It was pretty neat but pricey.

After that, it was time to ride Thunder Mountain.  So glad we got the fast pass for that too!

Mom rode every ride with us!

After that it was kind of a blurrr.  I think my daughter went on Haunted Mansion with her Daddy.  She was dying to go on it but no one wanted to go with her when they went  the week before.  While they rode that we go fast passes for Indiana Jones.  Meanwhile we got a little hungry and got some food.  Sorry no picture- it wasn't anything worth mentioning.

Ok here's where I lose track of what happened. I know that Indiana Jones was not working, so we weren't able to ride it but they said we could return anytime that day with our fast pass ticket once the ride was working. I think we then fed the rest of the crew at the Jolly Holiday Bakery.

Then we went back to Tomorrow Land to check out the Star Wars Launch Bay exhibit.  My family is very into Star Wars, so they wanted to check it out. I was happy it was air conditioned!!  The coolest thing about that area was the character meet and greets.  We stood in line to meet Chewbacca.  He surprised my mom by going up to her first. (I think she thought he was going to my daughter).

 I asked Chewbacca if he would take a selfie with me.  Coolest Selfie Ever!!

Paul must've got a shot of me talking to Chewie.

Next we went to meet Kylo Ren. I didn't really want to meet him.

But I took a selfie with him anyway!!!

Gee, can you tell which character we felt more comfortable with?

Found the Admiral's hat.  It's really ugly but one of our friends wanted it.  It didn't fit on Paul's head as you can see.

I love this next picture.  I told everyone to put their hands up so that it looked like the stormtrooper caught them.. and then there's my youngest niece who's posting like a Japanese tourist.  LOL!

After that, we tried Indiana Jones again and no luck.  The girls wanted a break cause it was so hot, so they went back to the room to go to the pool.  My sister and I stayed back to do some shopping!!!!  These mugs were really cute. I wanted the Peter Pan one.

Aren't these mini keychains adorable? I want to make one out of paper.

And what looks like a mini planner is actually for photos. so cute!  Now I wish I got it.

Gotta have the pink bag too!

OK I made my sister take this photo of me.  When we were young, mom used to tell us that we could only have one toy and one candy.  This would have been the candy I would've picked!  I like that kind of candy beads plus it had the little flag!!  Now I wish I bought that too!

So after we were done shopping at Disneyland, we headed to Downtown Disney to check it out.  By the time we were done, I was tired.  Still a bit jet lagged and sleep deprived.  Luckily Paul said he'd pick us up, so we met him at the Grand Californian hotel.  Since he needed time to get out of the pool, we hung out in the lobby where it was air conditioned.  Denise was soooooo happy to find her cookies!

When we got back to the hotel, it was Happy Hour!  Yay!  Free drinks!  We ended up eating there before heading back to the park for the fireworks.

Only a few of us went back for the fireworks.  Unfortunately there is a parade before it, so it was pretty crowded.  We didn't get a great view but we managed to watch it through the trees.  It was really cute.  Disney always does a good job.  Paul and my daughter missed the parade- they finally made it onto Indiana Jones- she was finally happy.

We met up for the fireworks, which almost didn't happen.  But it finally started and I'm glad we went back for it!  In addition to the best fireworks show, they also projected onto the matterhorn and (I think) the castle. Then we saw other characters (besides Tinkerbelle) fly through the air.  This time it was Nemo but my sister said she saw Dumbo before that.  I managed to get some fireworks shots.  Enjoy!

After the fireworks were over, we went back to the shuttle area. I was hurting.  Man I'm getting old!  No can handle like I once did.  Needless to say I crashed out that night!

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