Thursday, July 28, 2016

LA Trip Day 1: Yes! We Are Outta Here!

This trip has been a year in the making... My daughter asked me when she would be able to see my sister again.  My sister lives half way around the world in Italy, so we don't get to see each other very often.  Although I got to see her last year when we met her in Japan, my daughter hasn't seen her in a few years.  So this year, we decided to forego a Japan trip, and plan on meeting my sister in LA. She flies to LA every year but doesn't always make it home, so we thought we'd meet her halfway. 

Now let me just say that I HATE traveling in the summer. Its always hot, long lines, high prices, etc.  So you'll understand just how much I love my daughter! LOL!  Seriously, it kinda sucks to travel when everyone else is traveling, but we made it with a lot of coordination.

So in addition to our family's busy schedules this summer, (I am traveling to every island this summer for work and Paul travels to Oahu regularly for work.) we had to coordinate with my mom since she was going to join us and take my daughter up a week early to spend more time with my sister and her cousins that live in LA.  We also had to coordinate with my sister who was traveling from Italy and my brother, who went to visit her in Italy with his family. Are you still with me?  Now you know why it was pretty stressful planning this trip.

So after a lot of coordination, we finally ended up picking dates that worked for everyone.  Mid-July. Ugh!  Oh well, that's how it goes.  So I "dropped off" my daughter with my mom on the July 4th weekend, flew home, next week flew to Kauai for work while hubby flew to Honolulu for work.  Then I met up with him at the airport to fly out to LA.  Phew!  We finally made it to the airport!

At the airport we ate dinner and then tried to hunt down some Pokemon.  We were stoked that the game had just come out before our trip!  We couldn't wait to see what kind of Pokemon we'd find in LA! Hopefully we'd find different kind from Hawaii.

Finally made it on the plane.  I was ready to go sleep.

Even brought my neck pillow!  Too bad I didn't take a photo with my noise reducing headphones!  One must not travel without them.  Even though I wasn't really listening to anything, it helped to block out the background noise.  Paul was disappointed that his made his ears hot, so he ended up not using his.

After a short flight (less than 5 hours) we landed at LAX.  I was attracted to this cool wall and wanted to take a picture of it.. but saw this next to the wall. LOL!  Randy would have told me that I was supposed to be in the picture with him/her.

Here's the wall I was talking about.  Pretty cool yah?

My sister and brother were nice enough to pick us up and take us to the rental car.  That was a mess. I THOUGHT I booked it at Downtown Disney for some reason, but later figured out that it was just a rental car company around that area. DUH.  I think my siblings were getting a little irritated with me. LOL!  Wait to you hear what happened later!

So after we got our van, we headed to my brother's  house to meet up with the rest of the family.  We had to head out shortly to a family luncheon so we quickly changed and got on the road.  Here's me, my sister, and my brother at the lunch.  If you know us, you'll know I'm the baby of the family.  I'm 11 yrs younger than my brother and 8 years younger than my sister.  So why do I look the same age as them?

We decided to do a sister selfie, but mom photobombed us!! LOL!

I'm not sure why the hard boiled egg was red?  No one explained that to me... but it was good!

I didn't expect that they would have a ceremony during the luncheon.  Not sure if it was lack of sleep or what but I ended up crying like a baby!  Definitely felt the love.  Those babies are so cute!!

Don't get scared... this next shot is of our epic luggage situation.  LOL!  Good thing we got a mini van!  A lot of that was just groceries.

So everyone decided (except me) that they weren't hungry. Whatever.  So we went to Target to pick up beer and other stuff, and sis suggested we get microwave pizza. Really?  OK since no one was hungry except me.  Then when we got back to the room, suddenly everyone was hungry. Typical. So we had a little beer party in our room. I got a kick out of the fact that my mom bought me beer.  LOL!

We were tired after we ate, so some of us caught pokemon in the room and the rest crashed out.  More to come on our LA Adventure!

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