Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mini Staycation- Hilton Waikoloa and Other Big Island Adventures

My apologies... this is a very late post.  We met my brother and his family back in July at the Hilton Waikoloa again this year and had a blast!  Mom decided to join us this time, so I took some time off to spend time with her and my brother before my family could meet us.  It was so nice to see my nieces again!  See the little one?  She's such a ham... had to wait to take this selfie until she could pose with Gigi (the cat).

That night, we went to eat at the pizza place at the hotel.  It was pretty good!  Though, one of the pizzas was a bit spicy for me.

This one was more my speed. I think it was a mushroom w/truffle oil?  Pretty yummy!  I would recommend it!  Plus it was just outside our tower!

Just clowning around after dinner...

My niece thought that it was so funny someone left a stone under the dog to make it look like poop.  SMH!

My older niece is quite the crafter!  She crochet these items for us.

My bro relaxing with the young one..

The next day we headed down the Hamakua coast to the Vanilla Farm.  I've lived on this island for 17 years now and have never gone there!  It was a nice experience and totally worth it if you have the time.

We had the lunch- which was delish!

They offered us ice tea or lemonade with vanilla- I am a hardcore tea fan, but I actually liked the lemonade better!

After lunch, we headed to the actual farm where they had a talk and we got to see the actual orchid plants.  Had no idea vanilla was from an orchid.  Again... DUH.  I guess I need to get out more.

Here's the actual plant. Pretty cool how it climbs like a vine.

This was the dessert they served us.  Rosalani ice cream (super awesome!) uses their vanilla and they added this sauce on it that was awesome.  Forgive me, but I think it was lilikoi?

After the vanilla farm, we headed to Hilo to pick up my daughter who finished school for the week.  We told the girls about twisty cone from K's Drive Inn, so we stopped off before heading back to Kona. It really hit the spot on that hot day!

We had grand plans to go eat at Pine Tree Cafe for dinner, but they closed by the time we got to Kona.  Boooooo... So we took the girls to Macaroni Grill for dinner.  I think everyone was still full from the ice cream cause we didn't eat all that much.

Ok that's a lot of pics for one post, so I'll split this into two.  Check back for the rest of our staycation!

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