Sunday, October 4, 2015

Staycation Part 2: More Hilton Waikoloa Village

This trip, we were very good... woke up early and went walking.  Some days we went to the gym and some days we walked around the resort.  Mom wanted to take pictures everywhere!  I think I was her personal photographer...

She wanted a shot near the ocean..

Along one of the smaller pools, there are all of the chinese zodiac animal statues.  I think this is the "ram" statue, mom is a sheep, so she wanted a picture by it.  

Here we went behind the waterfall.  I like how this picture came out!  The one the professional photographer took wasn't that good. I think we got lucky on the lighting. 

This is the Grand Staircase at the Hilton.  Took mom's picture so you could see just how "Grand" it is.

She looks so tiny!!

When you stay at the Hilton, you can request a photo session (free) with their photographer.  She took us all over the resort.  I think this is the one mom actually picked.  I can't remember if she got one photo free or if they had to pay for it. Sorry, I'm junk.

 The lighting was horrible during the shoot... The shadows really ruined the picture... 


After the photo shoot, we headed to the main pool for swimming.  My hubby was finally able to join us at the hotel, so everyone was finally together!   After some swimming, I had food on the brain.  While the rest of the family ate at the cafeteria near the pool, my hubby went to find us those awesome nacho fries we had last time.  It wasn't as good as last time though.  Still ono- look at all that bacon!

Here we are just hanging out..  Cousins!


I finally got some down time of my own...

On our last day together, the girls wanted to re-live our sinking ship experience from last year.  LOL!  They really really wanted to do the paddle boats again. I didn't want to go this time, so we made my brother go with them.

After only one time around, they were bored and wanted to get out...  

After the paddle boat ride, they wanted one last dip in the pool.  We decided to go to to the small pool instead.  They had fun with Uncle Paul!

The girls decided to do some water dancing...  They were pretty good I must say!

After the pool, we checked out and headed to Pine Tree Cafe for lunch!!!  I must've been so hungry that I didn't take any pictures!  I'm junk.  I will try to do more food posts in the future.  We also headed to Mrs. Barry's cookies cause my mom likes those cookies. I didn't try them, but my mom swears by them.  So you may want to check them out if you are in Kona.  After that, we said our goodbyes and my family left for the airport.  We then had a long ride home to Hilo.  Looks like this might be an annual thing?  I don't mind.. nice to spend time with family!

Stay tuned, we are heading to Sin City soon!

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