Thursday, July 24, 2014

Travel Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list right?  Things to do before you die... hmmmmm.... what is it that I really want to do before I die?  TRAVEL!

I have been married for the past 13 years. Throughout our marriage, we have found out that we both enjoy traveling... a lot... with each other... We have become awesome travel buddies and make a good team.  I think part of the reason why it seems to work is because:

1.  I do most of the pre-trip planning.  I research and book our tickets, hotel, car (if needed) etc.  My husband helps out with the hotel if we are going to another country.  Before we leave, I organize everything we need into a folder (I will share my folder when I plan my next trip so you can see what I'm talking about).  Pre-trip planning also includes buying any omiyage, ordering yen or other currency exchange, etc.

2.  Although my husband think's I'm a crazy trip planner, when I'm actually on the trip, I just relax and enjoy it!  We've figured out that we love traveling on our own.  We don't like being tied to a schedule or tour group and enjoy the freedom to do what we want, when we want.

3.  We are ok with getting lost.. This is a must if you decide to travel independently.

4.  Once we are there, my husband will take the lead on the navigation.  I admit, I suck at it.  It takes me awhile to get used to the area, but he picks up on it quickly and can normally figure things out faster than me.

5.  We are open to trying new things and have fun while doing it... Imagine trying to order from a vending machine that only had Japanese writing!?

That being said.. you are probably wondering.. ok so what is your travel bucket list?  Please don't hold me to this.. this is just a few ideas that have evolved over the past few years.  Some of them are on there for specific reasons, that don't always include me. Here goes:

(These are in no particular order)
International Destinations:
  • Milan- need to take my daughter to visit my sister.  I also want to go visit that Artegano (?) fair one year
  • Venice- I enjoyed it there and want to go back!  Need to get me some lace and glass!
  • Kyoto- just cause I want to travel to another city in Japan besides Tokyo
  • Osaka- same reason as Kyoto
  • Hokkaido- I enjoyed Sapporo and want to visit that area again
  • Nara- I need to see those wild deer one day!
  • Australia- need to touch a koala
  • New Zealand- Hubby wants to go find the shire
  • England- My daughter and hubby want to go visit the Harry Potter set
  • Paris- I just saw a friend's photos and I think I want to go there too... now to convince my hubby to go with me.

Domestic Adventures:
  • Orlando- gotta go check out the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter.. unless they open the one in LA!  Then I don't need to go all the way to Florida.
  • Washington DC- I want to take my daughter to see the Smithsonian one day. I want to see it too!  Also want to see our nation's capitol.
  • Alaska- gotta go visit Aunty Ruthie one day
  • Washington State and Oregon- visit the cousins
  • San Francisco- just think its interesting
I know.. not that adventurous yah?  Maybe after I retire I'll get more adventurous like my friend Les.  She will go anywhere and has gone to a lot of places already.  All this writing about travel is making me want to start trip planning again!

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