Friday, November 17, 2017

Osaka Adventure: Day 5 and 6- Sick Day and Osaka

 Hi Everyone...  Have you been wondering what we've been up to?  Well, yesterday we were out all day, so I didn't have time to blog, but the couple days before we were taking it easy.  Paul got sick!  so there's really not much to report on for Day 5...  But I'll give you a brief overview...

So, he was feeling pretty miserable the night before when we got home from Hiroshima.  He actually had the chills. Now if you know my husband,  you'll know that he NEVER gets cold. I don't recall ever seeing him with chills either, so needless to say I was worried.  Luckily I had some advil and on guard (doTerra oils) to start him feeling better.   Here he was the next day...

We had gone out to get breakfast but I knew something was still wrong.  So I told him that he should just rest. I had seen a Don K! nearby that I thought I could go to on my own, so I left him in the room to rest.

Don K! is one of my favorite stores.  They have such fun stuff! I mostly bought food stuff for omiyage, but I did manage to entertain myself for a couple of hours.  The store in our area is a mega Don K, so it it pretty huge!  While I was looking at their beauty section, I stumbled on these masks.   I'm dying to know what they are for!?   If they weren't so big, I'd buy them as omiyage! LOL!

 I also saw this shi shi mai (is that how you spell it?).  I always think of Paul when I see these.  He desperately wants to play a song so they can use it in their performances.

When I got back with my two huge bags full of goodies, I came back to this....  I guess he was really tired! 

On my way back from Don K, I saw a Daiso across the street, so since Paul was still sleeping, I decided to go out again... On my way, I actually saw a train crossing the track!

I had fun at Daiso (I always do).  Got some more omiyage goodies to take home. I think my suitcase if filling up!  If Paul was still sick tomorrow, I was going to do a haul video.  Maybe I'll still do one.

So after sleeping the WHOLE DAY, he said he felt a little better the next day.  We decided to stay in the Osaka area so that in case he needed to come home, we were close by.  We decided on shopping so he could rest in between.  But before we left, we saw the resident neko again!  He's so friendly!  He really likes belly rubs.

So, I had already gone to Tokyu Hands in Hiroshima, so I decided to try finding either Shimojima or ABC Crafts.  We decided on Shimojima. Yay!  I was in charge of navigating and amazingly we found it!  They had about 7 or 8 floors of goodies.  The top floor was surprisingly craft supplies.  This whole wall was old school punches. 

Also saw their washi paper wall, but believe it or not, I didn't buy any!

This is what I came for!  They had the large rolls of double stick tape!  Yay!  Only 756 yen each.  The 1/4 inch size is only 75 yen.  (I think all the crafters just dropped their drinks!)  Yes you read that correctly.  Less than $1 per roll of 1/4 inch tape. I bought 20 to restock.

After my shopping spree, I needed a break and so did Paul.  We wanted to sit down so we went into the Doutour cafe. I've always wanted to try that place, but never did.  They had this really good crepe cake!
I guess Paul was feeling OK cause he suggested that since we were close by Osaka castle, we should try go there.  I had cabin fever the day before, so I wasn't about to say no.  Behind me is a huge fountain before the park.

While wandering around for a closer look at the castle, we figured out we'd have to walk up to get a better view.  I could tell my husband was still not feeling great because he complained about walking up the stairs.  I'm usually the one who complains! So I had to suck it up and not complain... we can't both be complaining. LOL!  


 Got hungry again, so Paul had a corn on the cob and we shared a takoyaki.  It was our first try, so not sure it was really "authentic" Osaka style, but it was good. Maybe cause we were just hungry.  We got them at the concession just outside the castle.  Paul wasn't that hungry.  WHAT?  See how sick he was!?

We finally made it to the castle but didnt' go inside.  We were both tired by then. I think I was starting to get sick too, so we decided to head home.

On the way back, we caught some more nice shots.

They were planting more trees!  These were cute tiny trees already turning color!

OK I have no idea what Bingo 5 is but this sign made me laugh.

After we got back, we both took naps.  Glad we stayed close to home.  I did want to eat something warm for dinner, so Paul took me to a ramen place nearby.  Yay!  I had tonokotsu ramen and fried rice.  Paul was not feeling great but managed to eat.



Day 7 post will be a LOOOOOOONG one!  Going to head out now, but will try to catch up on blogging soon. Sayoonara!

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  1. Wow you are brave to go out by yourself and shop ... awesome! Hope Paul is feeling better and that you don't get sick!