Friday, August 8, 2014

Wet 'n Wild Water Park- Kapolei, Oahu

 Years ago, when I was about my daughter's age, we had a water park in Honolulu called Castle Park.  Boy does that bring back memories! There were only a few rides, but it was still pretty awesome.

So although its like 30 years later, we decided to go to the water park in Kapolei on our last trip home.  My daughter has become a pretty good swimmer and old enough to actually enjoy the water park, so we thought it was a good time to take her.  Don't get me wrong, it costs a pretty penny, but I think we got our money's worth.  It used to be called Hawaiian Waters but is now owned by Wet 'n Wild.  If you are a Kama'aina, you might get lucky like us and get a discount.

When we first go there we eased the kids in in the kiddie area, but my daughter got bored pretty quickly and wanted to move on.  I suggested the large pool that had waves like the ocean, so we headed there after we ate.  Once we got in the water, I couldn't stop my daughter... Here's a pix of me trying to keep up with her.

 She was happy to finally be in the water.

Meanwhile her cousin "Z" had fun playing in the waves.

They got lucky and got a hold of a tube.

 Here's me and hubby relaxing in the pool too.

My favorite picture of the day!

We moved on to the river area next.  The kids liked this area... even the big kids.

 The current was pretty strong, though I wish the water level was a little higher.

The river takes you to a waterfall area.  Look who got doused!

 We tried to both hang on to one tube...

 Then we got caught in the waterfall.

Now look who got soaked!

 The most fun ride we went on was the Big Kahuna!  It was a long slide that you go down in a raft built for 3.  I swear I thought we were gonna flip over!  Plus they put my in the front, so I got a nose full of water, but it was still good times!

There's way more to do there but we just did a few rides/attractions.  Maybe next time we'll be more adventurous!

Here's some tips for going to the  water park:
  • They don't allow any food inside the park.  Eat a good breakfast before you go so you aren't as hungry. Food is priced like regular theme parks..very expensive.
  • They have lockers, so we just took some cash out in case we wanted to buy something.
  • You can buy your tickets online.  We had to wait in a long line and wished we had already bought ours.
  • You might want to go early to get parking.
  • Saw some smart people eating in the parking lot.. They had coolers and food and were tailgating.  Maybe need to try that next time.
  • Other than that?  Have fun!

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